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$1000/click – Google Ads for Accident Attorneys

$1000/click – Google Ads for Accident Attorneys

July 17, 2019
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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear depending on what a user is searching for, and the advertiser only pays a fee when they actually on the ad. Due to PPC marketing’s quick results, simplicity and level of control and customization, it’s one of the more popular digital advertising techniques. However, if your business is in a highly competitive industry, you could be looking at high prices per click that might seem insurmountable. But as the law niche proves, no matter the price, PPC can really pay off.

One of the most competitive marketing landscapes, no matter the advertising channel, is a personal injury attorney. But I don’t have to tell you – just turn on the TV and wait for a commercial to come on. Chances are, a local ad for a car accident lawyer is going to air. And because of the fierce competition and daily demand, especially in highly-populated states, the cost to get in front of potential customers is high.

Admittedly, the promise of great ROI isn’t going to make PPC marketing possible for all car accident attorneys. That’s why, when we started with strategy for our new client – Personal Attorney Firm with offices in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Louisiana, we understood how huge this challenge is.

First of all, we made our keyword list as big as possible and continue adding long-tail keywords on a daily basis. You can not just choose the most common keywords and try to be in the best position. Some clicks could cost more than $1000/click.

Our budget on Google Ads is about $100k/month and it’s completely not enough in this industry. Working with thousands of keywords with manual CPC strategy takes hours of work daily but this is the only way to get leads that cost less than some clicks.

Also, This is a niche when your CTR and Quality Score really matter, so very important to keep A/B testing and working with relevance.

Here is what results the client had before we started:

Here what we achieved in 2 months:

At first glance, it seems that you can not compete in the niche if you don’t have thousands of dollars budget, but it is completely wrong. The only truth is that you need to be very careful and dedicated to campaigns set up and management. Otherwise, you will just burn your budget without any dividends. 


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