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Google Ads As a Part Of Your Jewelry Store Marketing Strategy

Google Ads As a Part Of Your Jewelry Store Marketing Strategy

January 27, 2019
Categories: PPC

Just 3 main purposes to sell jewellery through the internet.

Billion-dollar online marketplace.
Nowadays, users used to easily shop expensive and luxury products online and retailers actively use it. First of jewellery online marketplace is so huge because of the huge amount of product categories, sellers can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or belly rings, just to name a few. The product range also is very various.
High-priced products.
Yes, difficult to provide 50+ sales per day when you sell diamond rings. But, high price gives you the opportunity to achieve 2000%+ in Return of Ad Spent even if your CPC is quite expensive.
Loyal customers.
Years of practice in advertising jewellery online stores shows that if a customer fell in love with your brand, he will stay with you for years. If the number of brand-related search terms is growing, you move in the right direction.

How Google Ads can help you with that?
In “Get Sway” we have managed Google Ads account for many online jewellery retailers around the world. Most of them were from US, UK, AU and CA. Every project is a new challenge as you can not use the same strategy for every store. Competition, consumers behaviour and ad cost are very different in each region. In this article, we will describe the most common strategy that works for our clients in the niche.

Let’s talk about what you have to set up, in which direction and tips to succeed.

A brand is critical. A branded campaign (with all possible branded keywords) is must have for any store and must get 98%+ search impression share. If you just launched your store, no reason to set up it immediately, you have to take care of your brand awareness and invest in Youtube, opinion leaders and affiliates.
– Use keywords in exact & phrase modifiers to not drive irrelevant traffic
– Add new keywords based on search term report analysis
– Ads which mention that your store is an official show better CTR
– Bid high to be always on 1st position.

Automotive Shopping is a way. We always start with Shopping campaign, manage it for a few months to collect enough data. After there are enough sales and audiences are collected we move to Smart Shopping. This type of shopping is fully automotive and system optimize by itself. Yes, we lose some control over campaigns, but it works and brings fantastic results.
– Test different ROAS targeting to identify the best direction for your case
– Do not make changes in Smart Shopping very often.

Dynamic Search Ads. Very good to check the sales performance of all your products, identify best sellers and set up dedicated search campaigns for them using keywords form DSA.
– Start with very low bids to not overpay for no needed traffic.
– Add negative dynamic ad targets to not drive informative traffic
– start with “all pages” targeting during the test period. After, set up separate ad groups for site categories with relevant ads.

Dynamic Remarketing. Very important for every e-commerce so don’t hesitate to include it into your SEM strategy.

Search campaigns. Not so important how you want to set up your search campaigns, you can do it in SKAG structure or using grouping.
– Set up Exact separate from BMM/Phares
– Add working keywords from Shopping, DSA search terms.
– Don’t use costly general keywords.

Nowadays, Google Ads is a very multifunctional channel. So unreal to describe all possible ways for every case in the article. I just told about most common directions. Every campaign requires dedication, analysis and hard work to perform well.

Here some of our clients result from jewellery niche:


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