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Does Google Smart Shopping Really Works? Client’s Case Studies

Does Google Smart Shopping Really Works? Client’s Case Studies

February 20, 2018
Categories: PPC

Not so far ago Google introduced a new type of Shopping campaign – “Goal-Optimized” or “Combos Shopping”. The campaign uses machine learning to aim to automatically optimize ad delivery to achieve the defined conversion goal value, such as revenue or return on ad spend (ROAS). Also, the campaign type combines dynamic remarketing and standard Shopping in one campaign to deliver an ad across Google properties and the ad network.

Many SEM-related sources and opinion leaders criticized this new Google’s feature. And there are few reasons for that:
– Everything is automatic. We can not do any optimization activities as negative keywords, bids adjustment or bids optimization. That’s mean instead of Dynamic Remarketing and Shopping campaign we got combine campaign that works on it own and we can not do anything to improve the performance or reduce cost.
– Just from the day, you enable Combos shopping, DR and standard shopping starting loose traffic.
In spite of all that, our PPC team started to implement that new opportunity for our e-commerce clients. Here what we have discovered (our client’s results):

As you can see, for every project Combos Shopping shows great results.

Maybe, Combos Shopping is not perfect and not a solution for every e-commerce shop. But, for sure, you have to test it and only after make a decision.
Thank you for your time and all the best with Google Ads.


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