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Google AdWords for Hotel Industry – 5 Tips That Increase ROAS

Google AdWords for Hotel Industry – 5 Tips That Increase ROAS

February 20, 2018
Categories: PPC

Nowadays, huge wide of different services allow you to book your stay in almost all hotels:,,, etc. Hospitality and tourism is an extremely competitive niche and as a result, has a high cost per click. Therefore, very often CEO and managers from Hotel industry come to us with a problem of ineffective SEM management. Most of them keep making the same mistakes. So, we decided to make it clear:

1. Just don’t use general keywords. Never! and similar services developed for people who are unsure with their choice and want to compare different offers, which is why using general keywords such as “Paris hotel” is a very poor option in this crowded marketplace. The best way to go is to induce loyal customers, that are already familiar with your hotel and want to choose it again for their stay, booking through the official website with the best rate. Campaigns with branded keywords in Exact and Phrase modifiers are the core of any Hotels AdWords account.
It allows us to get only relevant and cheap traffic and be in 1st position for every term.

2. Ads must contain special offers limited by time.
When customers are looking for the official website of the Hotel, they want to get the best possible offer. Usually, official websites have them all the time. Therefore, it is significant to say about it in our ads and drive users exactly on offer page. Here is how we did it for our client.

3. Apply dynamic remarketing to lower-funnel campaigns.
Showing the right ad to the right user would always increase conversion rate. Every time a site visitor puts something in the hotel shopping cart and doesn’t buy, you should reach him or her with a dynamic and on Google Display Network. The ad should use a custom, multiple-item layout to show the forgone shopping cart item along with a couple of other dynamically recommended items. In addition, the ad’s design aligns with the company’s website. In our cases, we show users ads with exact stay dates, price and room user is interested in.

4. Combine manual and automatic bidding.
For our Cyprus based hotel, we applied “manual CPC” strategy for Exact match modifiers. To be always in first positions. Traffic a bit more expensive but the conversion value is high enough to allow it. For Broad traffic, we applied the “maximize conversions” strategy that gives us cheaper traffic with less value of conversions but extremely high ROAS.

The purpose of RLSA implementation was to return users, which did not convert, but who were on the way to do so. This is why we set up a campaign bidding on general terms like “hotel” with a “target and bid strategy” that targets cart abandoners (these are visitors on a Web page who leave that page before completing the desired action). In any reason these people did not complete booking, which could be due to a high price or anything else. Due to this, we made a special ad for this audience, using a promo code that offers a 10% discount.

Every project is unique, but these tips work very nice for most of our clients from the Hotel industry. Anyway, PPC is a data-driven marketing and every our hypotheses should be tested.


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